Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Repost- NYT- Biophysicist's apple pie

Robert S. Donovan / Foter / CC BY

     I've been touring on the road with Harpeth Rising, and I'm away from my beloved kitchen! I can't cook, unless you count making toast at Rebecca's sister's house. Hmmm... at any rate, all I can do is drool over articles like these, and dream up my next pie. I love the science behind baking, and this article really illustrates the most common pitfalls of pies. I learned what the Maillard reaction is, and how it makes pies more scrumptious, and that American butter, with its slightly higher water content, creates a more flaky crust. #themoreyouknow

In the next few weeks I'll be back at home, and able to do a little cooking of my own, but until then, this article is definitely worth checking out:

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