Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cookie techniques

As I prepare for the great Cookie Swap of 2012, I've been doing research on the "perfect cookie". I have had plenty of mishaps in the kitchen, and can regale you with stories of meringue cookies that peeled off the pan like stickers, circumstances involving adding garlic salt instead of sugar, or adding twice as much butter (that's actually not good!)... yes, these are issues that I have been privy to in the past or my friends have :) , but here are two resources that I have found really interesting and helpful in the art of cookie making:

     Martha knows. She is a brilliant genius and has one of the most comprehensive, easily accessible websites in the world. I could go on all day, just go to her website! Also enjoy these bloopers from her shows, I was thinking of being Martha Stewart for Halloween (full disclosure: I am a nerd), and wanted to get into character.

     The NY Times did their own comprehensive research about the "best" cookie, and have recommendations like leaving the dough to rest in the fridge for thirty-six hours!! 

I hope the above links are helpful, and here's to good baking!

~ Maria

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