Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chocolate Mousse (vegan)

     I've been very interested in vegan and alternative styles of baking, and this is a recipe where if you didn't know, you would assume it had dairy. I'd like to follow my taste buds rather than dietary restrictions, and this just happens to be delicious as well as vegan. Keeping things simple is always a plus, and means there's a chance I might make it instead of just watching the video.
     I am currently traveling with Harpeth Rising, but I wanted to share this recipe for chocolate mousse invented by a French molecular gastronomer- super neat, right?! The two ingredients are chocolate and water, and it is dairy free, and gluten-free (depending on the chocolate you buy). I know this is a Valentine's Day themed video, but shouldn't every day be Valentine's Day ; )?

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