Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes you just need bacon.

       This week I had delightful company over, and it became necessary for bacon. I don't know about you, but bacon is something out of the ordinary. People coming over? Let's make bacon. Did I do a really good job at something and want to celebrate with a super awesome salad that has some bacon in it? You bet. Something was lacking though this past weekend, something just wasn't right. This may sound odd, but buying a ball of fresh mozzarella was this weekend's game changer. It all came together in the form of a bacon-egg-cheese sandwich- at once classic and egalitarian, a beacon of energy and delight to the pre-caffeinated weary. It's just so satisfying!  
Mozzarella di buffallo- one of the best things in the world. 
Fresh mozzarella is one of the great pleasures of life. It gives us classic Italian caprese salads, adorns our sandwiches, and melts in a lava-like hot mess when melted, enveloping everything it touches in a silky sheen of goodness. It is a little on the pricy side (or not if you're not a musician), but as the kids these days say, YOLO (you only live once). I know that I personally would be remiss at the end of my life if I knew I could have had more fresh mozzarella and had chosen not to.
 From top to bottom this sandwich is messy layers of zippy dijon, fried egg, bacon, roasted tomato, melted fresh mozzarella, and perhaps a hit of mayonnaise or aioli, if that's what you're into. It is messy, delicious, and will cause you  to kiss the cook- repeatedly. Use caution. 


- Bread rolls/hamburger buns/use what you have
- Eggs- cage free/humanely fed treated
- Bacon*
- One tomato, cut into slices (on the thicker side)
- Dijon mustard (or your favorite mustard)

* At the risk of sounding presumptuous and annoying, may I suggest buying bacon, and meat, from farms that humanely treat their animals? Although any cruelty to any animal is shameful, pigs tend to be treated the worst among animals farmed for consumption. I encourage you to do some research on this for yourselves, and check the labels on the meat products that you buy.  


Make the bacon first, and then cook the eggs in the bacon grease (this is not an every day kind of thing). While the bacon and eggs are cooking, toast your buns ; ), and prep your ingredients. Assemble, and enjoy! Keep in mind that this is a very loose recipe-eyeball it and use the ingredients that you have. The better quality the ingredients you use, the better sandwich you will get. Best shared with good company on a lazy Sunday morning.


- Sriracha sauce- that's cool if you're into it
- Mayonaise/aioli
-  Extra sharp cheddar cheese, any good melting cheese
What are your favorite additions to such sandwiches? Drop a suggestion and let me know your thoughts!

2nd Photo credit: jypsygen / / CC BY-NC-ND

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