Friday, March 8, 2013

Food savy

I've been little quiet on the blog lately, due to technology troubles. My laptop, which I got as a sophmore in college (7 years!) took its last breaths early this month. It shuddered to a complete stop, and began flashing what Wikipedia calls the "blue screen of death". I love my iPhone, but it can't figure out the blogger application, and refuses to be helpful. Luckily, the band was touring in NYC that week, and my wonderful father was able to whip up a laptop from me. It was technically Beverly's, but it is a cute little thing, perfect for the road, and I look forward to serving its purpose well. Thanks, Bev!
In other news, I have a little offering for you. In what is a most decidedly nerdtastic (not neoplastic, thanks auto-correct) move, I want to It features Mark Bittman and Jamie Oliver- two people who have influenced the way that I think about not only cooking food, but also the socio-economic and environmental implications of our food choices (Have I satisfied my big-word quota for the article yet?). And yet it doesn't feel like pedantic banter, or condescending rhetoric- they're just two guys who love to cook good food. Simple!

Mark Bittman is a food writer for the New York Times, with countless videos and articles that are a goldmine for learning how to cook. In this video, he cooks with Jamie Oliver, a well regarded English chef who managed to revolutionize English public school meals. His American reality TV show pitted him against public school lunch ladies... and if they had to wrestle, I just don't know who would win. These lunch ladies had thick, meaty forearms from years of stirring and scraping (and probably beating up kids).

The rest of the videos are on the NY Time's video page- and while you're waiting for the next episode of New Girl or Homeland to come out on Hulu, or Dr. Who (or whatever the cool kids are watching these days), check some out! Your taste buds will thank you later.

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